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Monarch :iconpetrocksolid:PetRockSolid 1 7
The Odd Couple Chapter Six
"Asami, a pool party?" Korra said harshly. I had a nervous look on my face as Asami look at Korra confused.
"Yes, I told you two weeks ago." Asami said with a bit of a snarl.
Korra turned around then said "I'll be at the car…" She walked away hastily so she could get our of the awkward situation. Asami looked at me and shrugged. I nodded to go along with the mood. Asami grabbed me with her free hand and said "Let's get to the car." I smiled and I soon hoped everything would get to normal soon.
     Korra was sitting inside the car waiting for us to return. She smirked and swiftly turned her face away. I sat shotgun as Asami got in the car and began to drive. IThe car was filled with silence with occasional jabs at trying to have a normal conversation. I almost laughed but I had to hold it in so they wouldn't stare me down.
"Asami, who is going to the pool party?" I asked trying the fill the silence.
"Just your borther, Korra, and us." Asami said dryly. I s
:iconpetrocksolid:PetRockSolid 3 6
Mature content
The Odd Couple Chapter Five :iconpetrocksolid:PetRockSolid 19 31
The Broken Friendship Part One
Regret. It was one of the only few emotions she could feel. Her friends were not talking to her, and she couldn't seem to get anything right. Flustered she tried to think about the good times. Back when they would laugh and have fun, back when they would talk to her, back when she was in love. She lay down in her bed, staring at the wall. Her polar bear dog next to her looked worried and upset. She pet her and said "Naga, I'm fine. You get some rest." The pet obeyed and fell asleep. She went back to thinking about the good days again.
"So you do like me?"
"Yes, I do."
"Promise me we'll be together forever, and Bolin promise me you will always be my best friend."
"Korra I promise, I will always be your friend."
"Same, and I will always be your one and only."
They broke their promise. She even remembered the kiss he sealed it with. He even said she smelt like apples. The whole scene was perfect. She screamed into her pillow and began to cry. She wanted to see them again, her friends. She
:iconpetrocksolid:PetRockSolid 28 18
The Odd Couple Chapter Four
"Asami! What are you doing here?" I asked putting my hand  
on the back of my head.
"Well I was out with my friends and I saw you with your friend Korra.  
You're not dating or anything right?" Asami said giving a gauge smile.
"Nope, nothing. Just friends out together." Mako said cracking a  
nervous smile.
"Ok. Hey tomorrow do you guys want to go to the mall?" Asami asked her  
voice practically bursting with excitement.
"Sure." Korra said suspiciously.
"Alright see you and Mako at 12 pm. I'll pick you up." Asami said walking away. Then when she left Korra started laughing.
"What's so funny?" I asked giving Korra a confused look.
"I've never gone 'shopping' in a mall before." Korra said smiling.
"Really?" I asked my face shocked.
"Well remeber, I lived in the Southern Water Tribe, plus I was  
training to be the Avatar. I couldn't sneak out ever." Korra said her  
smile fading away.
"I'll be carrying Bolin home." Kanari said
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The Odd Couple Chapter Three
When I saw Bolin, Korra saw him as well. He stopped laughing, and jumped from the ladder.
"BOLIN YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!" Korra yelled her face still pink.
"Bolin, you're going to die!" I yelled, chasing after him.
Korra summoned a wall of earth in front of Bolin. Bolin wasn't paying attention so he rammed in to the wall. Pabu sat on top of him, hissing.
"Bolin why would you do that, are you crazy?" Korra asked her voice filled with rage.
Bolin cracked a nervous smile and said "It was on accident, I raised my hand and boom! A little pile of earth appeared."
"I know you're not telling the truth, right Mako?" She asked, turning her face to me.
"Yeah." I said in reply.
"I have to go anyways. Tenzin is going to teach me more air bending."  Korra said waving her hand and walking out of the gym. When I couldn't see her I started to question Bolin.
"What was that for?" I asked.
"To make things more interesting, I know you're not the romantic type." He said smirking.
"I can if I want to B
:iconpetrocksolid:PetRockSolid 22 13
The Odd Couple Chapter Two
"Big bro you ok? You were screaming Korra's name…"
"I'm fine Bolin", I said letting out a sigh, "just had a crazy nightmare." Bolin was smiling at me, and gave me a glass of water.
"So what was your nightmare about?" He asked. I told him everything. He was my brother right? He wouldn't tell anyone, especially Korra. I hope.
"Whoa, heavy dream bro, so what is this part about a kiss?" Bolin asked, a grin seemed to take over his face.
"It was just a dream Bolin, besides we didn't even kiss. It doesn't mean anything." I said as calmly as I could. He was getting more up in my case since Korra became part of our team.
"Mako, you need to be more open with your emotions, or Korra will never know how you feel." Bolin said letting out a sigh. "You're too enveloped in your own little world." I was getting angry. I could feel it.
"I don't like her in that way Bolin. I thought I already told you that." I said raising my voice.
"Makko I know that but-"
"No, Bolin no, Stop trying to comfort me!"
:iconpetrocksolid:PetRockSolid 25 11
The Odd Couple
(Warning! This fan fiction contains violence!)
Korra had learned the basics of probending in two days, it was no easy task but Bolin and I did it. "Night guys, see you In the morning!" Korra yelled as she ran to catch the next boat. Bolin screamed back at her "BYE!", while I just waved. When we couldn't see her we walked to our room.
"Real piece of work isn't she?" Bolin asked me throwing the duffel bag onto the couch. "Yeah, she is, but worth it." I said in reply. Bolin was confused, and took his shoes off. "Says the guy who always yells at her, and fights with her." I looked at Bolin as if I was going to say something, but I didn't. Then Bolin let out a huge gasp. "BIG BRO YOU LIKE KORRA!" he screamed, running all over the apartment with excitement. I let out a sigh and said "I don't like her in that way Bolin. We're not even that good of friends yet..." Bolin slapped me on the back and said "Don't worry big bro, if you need advice just ask me." Bolin winked, and then went upstairs a
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Hello, how are you?
I'm dandy.
Except for barely surviving AoT episode 21 
Right now, I'm working on a picture of Bertholdt, and I might draw some Petra and Levi fanart too.
Goodness I shipped them so hard, but we all know how THAT turned out.
Also I don't get why my Pewds picture is as popular as it is, the anatomy sucks and I just don't get it.
I'm not trying to brag, but over 100 favs is a pretty big deal for me, especially when it isn't one of my best pictures.
Just kind of bugs me, I don't know, I just don't really like it anymore.
Sorry for rambling, see ya.

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I live in the United States. I'm Filipino and European. I mostly draw and write stories, but I also can do origami and paper crafts. I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games.
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